Fix Google Payments Error OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02

Can quickly apply for your debit or credit card. Regrettably, a few users reported that there had been errors once they cover with their bank cards. They encounter Google payment mistake OR-IEH-01 along with OR-IEH-02.

Error OR-IEH-02

Why won’t Google Pay Accept Your Own Card?

There are different reasons why You’re viewing these specific Google Payments mistake. Google might have found potential fraud or hazards when purchasing using your card, thus obstructing you with all the messages. Your firmware could be not known to Google, or you can use a VPN service that hides your IP from Google. Details about your own bank card usually do not fit the info in your own Google Payments.

Fix Google Payments Error OR-IEH-01 along with OR-IEH-02

Method No 1 — Customize Your VPN Service

If You’re using a VPN or even proxy support, It’s Ideal to Temporarily disable it whenever you’re purchasing from Google Play Store.

How to Fix Google Payments Error OR-IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02

Method Number 2 — Verify Google Upgrades Account by Submitting Your Records

Suspension of one’s accounts. Google will send a contact regarding the method that you’ll want to confirm your account. Follow the directions and publish your identification card documents.
Besides your own ID, then you may also submit files together with your title And speech. These records include bills or bank statements that’ll encourage your identification card and also verify your account.

Ensure Your card information fits the title and address Signaled on your Google Payments.

With this matter.
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